Twelfth Night

Week by week

Week 5

It's Week 5, and the cast have moved out of the rehearsal room and onto the Globe stage for the final few days of rehearsals. This period is called the 'Technical Rehearsal', but the actors and creatives often call this 'Tech Week'. The technical rehearsal is lengthy as it will stop and start repeatedly. Over the next few days all the different parts of the production are brought together. During the weekend the production crew put up the set, and actors will get to rehearse in their costumes for the first time as well as using their performance props. All the sound cues are tested, and the stage management team will work to ensure the actors know their entrances and exits - especially important at the Globe when using the yard.

Performances also began this week! Jack, who is playing Sebastian, takes a photo every day during the show. If you're in the yard during the show, keep an eye on the gallery below and see if you can spot yourself!

Also below check out some photos from last week as the actors got to rehearse a few scenes on the stage on the stage. And why not listen to interviews with Katie and Tom as they talk about the last few days of rehearsals.