Twelfth Night

Week by week

Week 4

It's the final week of rehearsals and the cast have started to add music, singing and props into specific scenes, as well as having sessions with Giles Block, the Globe Associate for Text. Giles is a specialist in Shakespearean text, and the actors work with him to fully understand the characters and the meaning of the plays when speaking Shakespeare's words out loud.

These sessions also help the actors get 'off-book', the point at which they have learnt their lines and no longer need to read from the script. The Stage Managers then have a 'Prompt Book', with any lines cut or changes marked. This also has all the actors’ movements written in it, and used by Stage Managers to prompt the actors if they need it during rehearsal. 

Giles has also written an article about the Prose and Verse in Twelfth Night, why not read it and find out more about why Shakespeare's characters sometimes use verse, and sometimes prose.