Twelfth Night

Sir Toby

Confine? I’ll confine myself no finer than I am.


Also called

  • Madman (Feste, I.5.127),
  • Fool (Feste, I.5.120),
  • Knight (Feste, II.3.74),
  • Good Sir Toby (Maria, II.3.94),
  • Sweet Sir Toby (2.3.121)

Relationship Status

Likes Maria

Character biography

I have really landed on my feet staying at my dear niece Olivia’s. I am able to live life to the full there and seem to manage to get way with all sorts of pranks and merry-making. It is so much fun having Sir Andrew with me as my companion as he provides me both with ready funds and also gives me many chances to play the fool with him. Sir Andrew is in love with Olivia which I know is foolish, but there is much fun to be had with him before he discovers she is not for him. The thorn in my side is one self-important, stuck-up steward named Malvolio who tries to make my life as serious as his. I would dearly like to get may own back on him at least once. Sometimes, after a night of much drinking, I do wonder whether I should reform my dissolute life and even settle down with a woman like Maria.

Flirts with…


Dear agony aunt

I live a pretty fun life: late night revelling, drinking, eating and more drinking! But I don’t think my girlfriend approves and wants me to change. Should I?

It's good to change so try. If it doesn't work, I guess you're going to have a lot of trouble on your hands.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 - 13:18

Yes. If you change she will love you more for it!

Thursday, February 25, 2016 - 17:51

Yeah!! Otherwise your relationship won't be honest and you won't feel comfortable/trustworthy around each other. IT WILL BE AWKWARD!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - 21:23

Dear Sir Toby, It sounds like this is important to your girlfriend. Have you thought about what effect it's having on her? Try and look at your behaviour from her perspective.

Monday, February 1, 2016 - 13:11

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The Belch family has been well known in Illyria for many years though not always for the best of reasons.

Who is he?:
Sir Toby Belch is related to the gracious Countess Olivia. He is her uncle and lives at her house as her guest. His friend, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, is been staying with him at the countess’s mansion. Sir Toby loves drinking and having fun, sometimes there are stories about him that you would not expect to hear about an honourable knight – reports of riotous nights at Olivia’s house which are not quite in keeping with her high status and which people think are Sir Toby's responsibility.

Sir Toby professes himself a connoisseur of food and drink, especially drink. He is an expert in wines and beers, and enjoys eating to the full. His fondness for cakes and other sweet things is legendary and probably responsible for his weight issues. Sir Toby is well-known as a prankster. He is always ready for making mischief and he can create elaborate practical jokes, making fun of friends and foes. His friend Sir Andrew is not safe from these plots and jokes, but his main target is Malvolio - the serious and upright steward at Countess Olivia’s house.

While well known as a bachelor, Sir Toby is so often in the company of Maria, Countess Olivia’s gentlewoman, that some people expect a relationship is on the cards. The general view is that if Sir Toby needs to drink less to convince Maria he could be a partner for life.