Twelfth Night


My desire / More sharp than filèd steel did spur me forth,


Also called

  • Kind Antonio (Sebastian, 3.3.13),
  • Notable pirate, thou saltwater thief (Orsino, 5.1.64)

Relationship Status


Character biography

The shipwreck has changed my life in so many ways. I have found myself most unexpectedly in Illyria even though it is dangerous for me as I was once accused, unfairly, of piracy. I am hoping that sufficient time has passed so that I will be safe. Since the shipwreck I am spending all my time with my great friend, Sebastian. I am helping him in Illyria, despite any possible dangers for me.

Duels with…

Sir Andrew

Dear agony aunt

My friend wants us to go to Illyria, but I’ve been in trouble there before. If I’m seen, I might be arrested! He’s never been here before and doesn’t know anyone. I’m worried what might happen to him. Should I go with him to make sure he’s okay or steer clear?

If you truly believe he is your friend, then go with him to Illyria, but only if he swears to help you if you are caught!

Thursday, February 25, 2016 - 16:49

I think you should steer well clear! You've only just met this guy- why are you putting your neck on the line for him?!

Monday, February 1, 2016 - 13:04

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New in town this week:

Two new arrivals in town this week are Sebastian and his friend Antonio. They are a contrasting pair as Sebastian is from a noble family in his home country and Antonio is a sea captain. The circumstances of their arrival are dramatic as they survived a recent terrible shipwreck on Illyria’s shores. We hear that Antonio, with his extensive sea-faring expertise, is the one who was responsible for rescuing Sebastian. This seems to have led to their becoming the firmest of friends, despite their differences in status. Prior to their recent arrival in town, it is understood that they have spent three months in the countryside while they recovered from their ordeal.

Of interest to readers may be some reports which have circulated suggesting that Antonio is not in fact new to this country. It is thought that he may be that same captain who was accused of certain strange attacks on Illyrian shipping some years ago, though this is not confirmed. What is certain however is that the two are the firmest of friends and if Sebastian regards Antonio so highly then it is hard to think Antonio could have been responsible for past crimes.